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Build Your Own Complete Completes: Browse through our complete skateboards by skateboard brand, price, and size. All of our completes come assembled and ready to ride, and many are perfect for those riders who are new to skateboarding.

Shop Decks Decks: Finding the perfect skate deck for you has never been easier, as you can conveniently shop according to brand, width, and price. Whether you like skateboarding in the streets, at the park, or in the pool High Five Skate Shop has your skateboard deck needs covered.

Shop Trucks Trucks: It is time to find the perfect set of skateboard trucks to go along with the skateboard deck. High Five Skate Shop carries the top skateboarding truck brands such as Independent, Venture and Silver skateboard trucks.

Shop Wheels Wheels: High Five Skate Shop has a wide variety of skateboard wheels to choose from, including the top brands such as Spitfire, Plan B, Autobahns, Bones and Element. Wheels come in all shapes and sizes and no matter the type of skateboarding that you are in to, High Five Skate Shop has it all.

Shop Accessories Accessories: We carry a big selection of Skateboard Accessories to cover all your Skateboard needs, such as Board Racks, Bushings, Decals, GripTape, Hardware, Lube, Pins & Buttons, Plans, Rails, Risers, Tools, Toys, Novelties and Wax.

Shop Protective Gear Protective Gear: The number one priority when skating is the use of quality protective safety gear. Even the world best riders wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads when performing. In fact the Protection options available today are incredibly stylish and attractive.

Shop CLothing Clothing: Skateboard clothing is one of the most common street wear that you are likely to find anywhere. Skateboarders are not the only people who wear clothes whose designs are inspired by the skateboarding game. One of the reasons why these skateboarding apparels are so common is their simplicity and ease.

Shop Videos Videos: Watching professional street skateboarder videos is not only fun and exciting, it is also a great way to learn the basic mechanics of many tricks. High Five Skate Shop carries a great selection of videos, magazines and banners.

We also carry the parts and accessories you need to fix your own skateboard.


Established back in 2003 by Alex Portes and now it is one of the biggest & popular skateshops in South Florida located in Miami Beach. It's known for their famous High Five brand & custom made skateboards, longboards and parts. It all started when Alex got his first skateboard. He fell in love with it. Seven months later, he had his mission accomplished; he made his first custom long board. He discovered an amazing system that replaces the traditional black grip tape. Something that works the same way but shines and glow day and night time. This is what it makes High Five skateboards so unique.
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